Stoned History: Here's How U.S. Cannabis Laws Have Changed Over Time

By Merry Jane Staff

There’s so much to keep track of when it comes to America’s relationship with marijuana, especially all the developments over the last decade. The history of cannabis in our country runs deeper than just what we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and that history is full of confusion, racism, and changing viewpoints.

But why has one plant caused so much controversy, when other substances, like alcohol, have been allowed to grow into multi-billion dollar industries? To understand the present, we have to examine a past in which Americans projected their fear of foreigners onto cannabis, which led to the criminalization we are still fighting against today.

MERRY JANE News went on a trip down marijuana memory lane, examining its importance for early American settlers (which saw the government embrace the plant) to some two centuries later, when the government saw marijuana as a lynchpin to start the War on Drugs.

As you’ll see, sometimes it only takes one person in the Executive Branch to dismantle decades of work, and it may serve as a reminder to go out and fight for progress, especially considering who currently resides in the White House. 


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