Super Skunk is an indica hybrid offspring of Skunk No. 1. An upbeat high is accompanied by a mellow and deeply relaxing body high, making this one pleasurable evening flower.

Bred by Sensi Seeds, Super Skunk is an 80% indica strain that is potent and fast flowering to boot. A cross between Afghani and Skunk No. 1, Super Skunk flowers in a mere 7 weeks and features up to 19% THC. Musky and pungent, this bud has inherited some classic skunk aroma. 

Super Skunk has inherited some of the upbeat qualities of Skunk No. 1, coupled with a potent sedative high. Super Skunk produces a deep body relaxation that may be perfect for those with chronic pain and muscle tension. 

Sensi Seeds created Super Skunk to add weight and potency to the ever popular Skunk No. 1 parent strain. The final version of this strain was introduced in the 1990s, winning many accolades at the time. Now, there are many more potent strains on coffee shop and dispensary menus. However, novice and experienced growers alike can't go wrong with this quick and heavy yielding flower. 

Super Skunk



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