Ghost Train Haze (GTH) was bred by Rare Dankness of Colorado. A cross between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, this sativa is a mind-altering flower like no other. Nevil’s Wreck is a sativa from the same Coloradan breeder. Ghost OG is a phenotype of the legendary hybrid OG Kush.

What makes this strain so special? Ghost Train Haze has skyrocketing THC levels. The psychoactive can reach up to 27%, making it one of the most potent strains available on dispensary shelves. The average range tends to be anywhere from 23 to 28%.

The aroma of GTH is similar to an OG Kush. It has plenty of citrus notes with that signature sweetness and elements of sharp of pine. Ghost Train Haze buds tend to be extremely dense and coated with ample white crystals.

Ghost Train Haze will wind you up. This spunky sativa is energetic and filled with vigor. The effects are fairly fast acting, hitting the face and sinuses first. It’s not uncommon to feel a little electric, with a pleasant tingle that quickly runs throughout the body.

It goes without saying that the effects of this strain are highly cerebral. Talkative, giggly, and stimulating, you may find yourself locked in an interesting conversation with friends or cracking up at just about everything.

As the GTH experience begins to wind down, you may notice some mental fog thanks to the Haze genetics.

Though this strain is classified as a sativa, there is quite a bit of indica in this flower’s lineage. This means that you can expect more heavy-bodied effects in higher doses. This also makes it a great strain for loosening up tight muscles.

Many fans describe the Ghost Train Haze as psychedelic. With such high amounts of THC, it’s no wonder this strain can cause a little mind-melt. All in all, though, if you love potent strains, you can’t go wrong with GTH.

Headed out to a party? Take Ghost Train Haze with you. This may not be the best strain to pass around since it is so strong. But, if you’re hoping to stay up late at a club or spend substantial time at a social gathering, this is a great choice.

Energetic and sociable, canna-savvy individuals will be able to stay awake and have a lovely time.

Medical patients tend to use Ghost Train Haze for chronic fatigue and depression. A daytime strain, this flower has powerful uplifting effects and is similar to a shot of espresso.

Some Kush lineage amplifies the pain fighting qualities of this herb, providing potential relief to minor to moderate aches and pains.

This strain isn’t recommended for those prone to cannabis-induced anxiety. The strong sativa heritage and the soaring THC levels mean that this strain can make you a little paranoid or anxious.

If you struggle with anxiety, you might want to start slow with this one.

Ghost Train Haze



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