Pineapple is a tropical hybrid with indica-dominant effects. This strain is powerful (up to 26% THC!), but it isn't strong enough to knock you out. Take this strain to a social gathering. 

Pineapple is an underappreciated gem. The strain is actually an F2 phenotype of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, which is an impressive hybrid from Sensi Seeds. This phenotype expresses predominantly indica effects, which promote drowsiness and a strong sense of physical ease.

Right away, the most noticeable thing about Pineapple is its unique aroma. Tropical, fruity, and delicious, this strain has a strong pineapple citrus aroma. Excellent to use in desserts, Pineapple may be the new go-to kitchen herb for at-home cannabis chefs.

Featuring up to 26% THC (average around 21%), this strain is one of the most potent buds on dispensary shelves. Recommended for experienced consumers, Pineapple is a delightful treat that provides a strong yet easy and relaxing high. The physical effects of this strain are powerful, but not typically powerful enough to induce couch-lock or cause serious sedation.

Rather, Pineapple is a top-notch afternoon/evening strain for recreational and medical cannabis patients alike. Recreational consumers will appreciate the sociable and talkative nature of this bud. Medical cannabis patients tend to pick up this herb for relief from painful muscle spasms, stress, and depression.



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