Jay Leno Drives Car Made

Out of Cannabis

On Wednesday’s episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” retired Dell executive Bruce Dietzen sells the host on his unconventional 2017 Renew, a car that was designed with the environment in mind. It was “carbon neutral” to produce and made from woven cannabis hemp.

Manufacturing the average car emits about ten tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. “That’s before it even hits the road,” notes Leno, where it will release another six tons a year.

It’s also ten times stronger than steel. Dietzen demonstrates by banging repeatedly on the hemp-based hood. Leno gives it a go, too, using an impressive amount of force for someone who dislocated his shoulder in the last episode.

– Read the entire article at CNBC News.

By Jonathan Blumberg, CNBC News on July 19, 2017


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