Holy Herb: Inside Denver’s International

Church Of Cannabis 

It’s a busy time of year for religious folks all over the globe. Devout Christians are observing Holy Week, culminating in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter this Sunday. Observant Jews are celebrating Passover, commemorating when God freed the Chosen Ones from the bonds of slavery in the time of Moses. And on April 20, the unofficial annual holiday for cannabis enthusiasts around the world, Elevationists will for the first time open the doors to The International Church of Cannabis in Denver.

You read that right. Elevation Ministries, a Colorado non-profit religious organization, will welcome fellow Elevationists and the cannabis curious to see the refurbished 113-year-old church in the West Washington Park neighborhood. - Read more here

“Our life stance is that the cannabis is a sacrament and that we use it to elevate our lives and achieve the best versions of ourselves that we can be,” Lee Molloy said, one of the members of the church.



Worshippers of pot will soon have a place to pay their respects as The International Church of Cannabis plans to open its doors in Colorado on April 20, allowing self-described ‘Elevationists’ to consume the “sacred flower” in a congregation.


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