10 Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

This list of the best weed strains for anxiety isn’t about the strains that can cause it. Instead, our focus is on the strains that can help reduce it. Cannabis has a bad reputation as a treatment for anxiety and mood disorders. And while it’s true that weed can cause anxious responses, it’s also true that it can calm and relax the mind and body. As evidence, here are the best strains for anxiety.


Here’s How Cannabis Treats Anxiety

Anxiety is a wide-ranging mood disorder that impacts the lives of millions of people. But that means it affects each person differently. While some experience anxiety as a mostly mental phenomenon, others feel it as panic throughout the body. Sometimes it’s both.


Cannabis can be an effective remedy for anxiety. Unfortunately, though, misinformation and misunderstanding persist about this topic.


For the average recreational user, getting high can produce some anxious feelings. Usually, these are no big deal. Some, however, experience acute anxiety and paranoia. As a result, many people find that weed makes things worse.


However, it’s not cannabis itself. The THC is to blame. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes users high. And part of that experience is stimulating the “fight or flight” response.

CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, acts as a counterweight to THC. It doesn’t stimulate the parts of the brain that can cause anxiousness. In fact, studies which focus on CBD have found that the chemical is an effective treatment for anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders.


The research brings us to the following conclusion: The best weed strains for anxiety are strains with low to mid THC levels, and mid to high CBD levels. Additionally, cannabis users who self-medicate report positive results with strains that have a harmonious balance of THC and CBD.

10. Purple Urkle

Legendary and popular in its own right, Purple Urkle built its legacy on its ancestor, Granddaddy Purple. Both strains have relatively high CBD content for a THC-dominant variety. But the key difference between Purple Urkle and GDP is its psychoactivity.


Urkle has lower THC, hovering around 10 percent. With all the wonderful flavors and scents of the ‘Purp, this is a calming, balanced indica.

9. Cannatonic (Hybrid)

Anxiety-relief is a specialty of this hybrid CBD-rich strain. If anxiety has you manic and feeling over-active, the mildly sedating yet uplifting effects of Cannatonic will calm you down.

When anxiety attacks the body, Cannatonic’s ability to calm muscle spasms and aches really comes in handy. This is a great mood-stabilizing strain.

8.Canna-Tsu (Hybrid)

Since we’re on the subject of Cannatonic’s excellent medicinal genetics, we ought to include its cousin, Canna-Tsu. Canna-Tsu is a hybrid strain that’s more dialed into the mental symptoms of anxiety.

This is one of the best weed strains for anxiety because of its high CBD content. It’s ultra-rich CBD profile is something it inherited from its parents: two likewise CBD-heavy strains called Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami.

But Canna-Tsu is also a very low-THC strain. This makes its overall psychoactive effect mellow, allowing users to maintain mental clarity.

7. ACDC (Hybrid)

The potential for an anxious high is a concern for folks who are sensitive to the effects of THC. In that case, ACDC is an ideal strain thanks to its virtually zero THC content.


ACDC is a hybrid strain with chart-topping CBD content. ACDC is one of the best weed strains for anxiety because of its 19 percent CBD content. In the medical cannabis community, ACDC is usually the strain doctors recommend for treating the symptoms of chemotherapy.


Beyond this application, however, ACDC has gained a reputation as a strain which provides a relaxed body feel and a sense of mental well-being.

6. Blue Dream (Hybrid)

Blue Dream is America’s most popular strain. And no wonder, it happens to be one of the best hybrids for treating mood disorders. High in THC, but like other THC-rich strains that work well medicinally, Blue Dream achieves harmony via the entourage effect.


The energetic sativa side is uplifting without provoking a fear or stress response, thanks to the CBD counterweight of the indica elements, which bring on total body relaxation and a mellowing calmness. If you’ve experienced positive results with using THC-rich strains, Blue Dream is one of the best choices.

5. Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

If depression or detachment accompany your anxious feelings, pure sativas can be excellent therapeutic strains. When mood disorders have you down, sativas provide a bright, stimulating uplift. People use indicas against anxiety because of their more chilled-out, sedative effects.


But that doesn’t mean sativas can’t also be some of the best weed strains for anxiety. Even though it’s a sativa, Strawberry Cough achieves an incredible balance of THC and CBD.


That outer balance can bring you an inner sense of calm and balance in your mental life, helping to ease anxious feelings through uplifting and positive thinking.

4. One to One (Hybrid)

Strawberry Cough may achieve excellent THC-CBD parity, but it’s got nothing on One to One. So named due to its perfect 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, this is one of the most “neutral” medical strains available. The buzz is mellow with decreased psychoactive effects and a full-body calm.


The relaxation is balanced and steady, but won’t zap you of your energy. One to One is a great strain for treating low-level stress and the anxieties of the working week.

3. Afghan Kush (Sativa)

Social anxiety is one of the most common forms of the disorder, and it’s also one of the hardest to treat effectively. In social settings, being high can sometimes exacerbate discomfort, rather than put you at east. But not Afghan Kush.


It’s one of the best weed strains for anxiety because it won’t recharge your stress levels or tug at your anxious feelings. Used in heavier doses as a nighttime strain, the intense indica effects of Afghan Kush induce heavy relaxation and sedation, which can help with anxiety related to insomnia.

2. Critical Mass (Indica)

Critical Mass has you covered if you’re trying to treat anxiety. It is one of the highest THC strains available today, but it also has boast-worthy CBD levels. Critical Mass therapeutically optimizes the medicinal properties of cannabis.

1.Jack Herer (Sativa)

Perhaps no strain better encapsulates the delicate dance of treating anxiety with weed than Jack Herer. Since it’s a sativa strain, there’s always the chance that it could over-stimulate people who are more sensitive to THC.


Yet Jack’s genetics give it the potential to be one of the best weed strains for anxiety. One of Jack’s parents is Northern Lights, which is famous for its ability to reduce muscle tension.


Anxiety is a tricky, elusive problem. But often a calm body can help calm the mind, too. And that’s where Jack Herer shines.

Final Hit: The Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex symptom that everyone experiences and deals with in their own way. When it comes to treating anxiety with cannabis, it’s important to check in with yourself and your reactions. The strains on this list are great for anxiety, but they’re even better as part of a comprehensive mental wellness plan.


The sometimes soothing, sometimes over-stimulating effects of being high make weed somewhat of a double-edged sword. That’s why choosing the right strain and dose is essential. Use this list as a starting place and focus on figuring out what works best for you.


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